Boys' Campus, 1988


Another sunset view... (Photo courtesy of Arnold Bertens)

Hangin' Out in the 60s

A 1966 photo-op: Hope Davis is second from left. Judy Epstein at far right. Debbie Pinkney - are YOU in the photo????
(Photo courtesy of Debbie Pinkney)

Reuniting In The Millenium

[Pam, Shelley, Brenda, Linda]
A get-together in Florida: {L to R): Pam Levy, Shelley Blaustein, Brenda Silver & Linda Meyers
(Photo courtesy of Shelley Blaustein-Finkelstein)

"Staff Child", 1970
Three year old Steven Alter when he was an "HC Baby". These days, his son Jonathan keeps him busy.(Photo courtesy of Glen & Adam Bronstein)

On The Front Steps of the HC Shack, 1988


Is that "chawin' tobacca"? Nope - Boys' HC Ron Heft is working a piece of licorice as he confers with Wes Aldrich (bottom right) and an unidentified staff member.(Photo courtesy of Arnold Bertens)

Pixie Girls, 1976


Top Row (L to R): Cindy Spanton (Pixie Counselor), Sally Kruteck (who's just hanging out)
Middle Row (L to R): Sarah Benun, Jessica Stirberg
Bottom Row (L to R): Fern Topiol, Amy Gallatin & Jessica Weinstein
(Photo courtesy of Cindy Spanton)

Bedtime for Sophomores, Bunk 9B, 1970
Todd Gailboord and "Mouse" (Like I'm gonna remember his real name, right?). Just a coupla kooky kids who won't go to bed. Their counselor, David Simon used to entertain them before bedtime. I wonder how many years it took these children to recover... (Photo courtesy of Glen & Adam Bronstein)

Darren Shevchuk's 4/2001 Visit To Camp



Radio station WCDD went on the air in the late 70s. The studios were built in back of the Boys' HC shack. This April 2001 photo shows everything still intact. (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

Contemporary View

An early spring day shows sparse foliage, the Arts & Crafts shack intact. But, the boys' waterfront is no longer there. (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

Girls' Campus, 2001


The pool that stood on girls' campus in the 80s has been removed and relocated to the outfield of the upper diamond. In this photo, one can see that renovations have been made to Dianaland (frame left)  (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

Upper Diamond


It's difficult to hold this thought in one's mind: Most of the children who attend Camp Simcha are not physically well enough to play softball. Hence, the outfield of the upper diamond is better utilized as a secure location for swimming. The pool stands in what used to be right-centerfield. (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

The Gym, April 2001


The gymnasium looks relatively unchanged except for the large air conditioning ducts that have been built into the wall. Four months later, the gym was pressed into service as a makeshift dining area... (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

The Dining Hall

[Dining Hall, Camp Simcha, 1997]

In the early morning hours of August 8, 2001, a fire broke out in the dining hall and completely gutted the building. Luckily, no one was hurt. This is a photo of the dining hall, circa 1997. (Photo courtesy of Bonnie Greene)

Social Hall & Girls' Waterfront


Gone is the stone chimney... the back porch has been dismantled and the space enclosed... the bare trees add an eeriness to this photo. A stark contrast to the memory of bygone summers. (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

View from the Lake


From afar, camp is still camp. The color scheme of the bunks has changed. The Social Hall looks different. But even after all these years, there's no mistaking this scene for any other place. (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

The Way We Remember It...

[Dining Hall, Wishing Well, Front Lawn]

One of my favorite spots in camp. From 1960 (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Snake Road


Remember the first time you drove up to camp and encountered this road? Highway 97 at Hawk's Nest (a.k.a. "Snake Road") could have been used for one of those European car commercials. It proved a most challenging course at night... 'nuff said. (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

More Coffee??


Who doesn't have fond memories of breakfast at Homer's???? Darren looks like he's enjoying himself... (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)

Visiting Day, 1980

[Darren, 1980]

Flash back 21 years and all of a sudden, there's 14 yr old Darren with the guy who paid for all the breakfasts! (Photo courtesy of Darren Shevchuk)


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Map of Camp Diana-Dalmaqua
Circa 1970

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