Visiting Day, 1974


Alan Scharf of Whitestone, Queens and Rob "Kano" Kanowitz of Oceanside, L.I. In the background is Steve Green, perpetually of Camp Dalmaqua...

On The Back Porch of the Social Hall

[campdjm2.jpg] Nancy Djmal and Sue Mestel in the Summer of '69
(Photo courtesy of Art Baum)


Phyllis Shuster and Debbie Fagin in the summer of '73

On The Front Porch of the HC Shack, 1976


Little Eric Kamen, a camper wannabe at age 3, surrounded by some "old" veterans. That's Darin Silver on the left, Alan Gallatin top right, and Troy Rosenthal bottom right.

Junior Boys, Bunk 6, 1974


In 1974 I was a first year counselor. And these were the little ones I was responsible for. The younger half of the Junior Boys - Bunk 6
Top Row (L to R): Abie Ades, David Portnoy, Reid Drescher, Paul Seng
Bottom Row (L to R): Eric Mokotoff, Michael Schwartz, Matthew Herman and Andrew Spanton

Girls' Diamond and Lower Social Hall, Mid 60's
Nothing quite like an action-packed ballgame...especially when most of the infield is standing at attention!  In the background, to the immediate right of the social hall, the girls' waterfront is visible. At frame right, one can see the Arts & Crafts shack. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Camp Dalmaqua Logo


Okay, here's where it begins to get scary...I still have my camper shirt.
Through the magic of digital image editing, the yellowed fabric has been eliminated to reveal the official logo of Camp Dalmaqua. This shirt (as well as an equivalent shirt for Camp Diana) was introduced in 1962 when the camp colors were changed from red & gray to red & white. The logo did not change for the remainder of the Kurtz era, i.e. through 1972.

S.A. Boys, 1971

Leftie slugger Jim Newman circa 1971, with kibbitzer Dave Libo. Hear Jim talkin' baseball in real audio: [newmantips.jpg]
(Requires RealPlayer G2 or RealPlayer 7 from RealNetworks)[realogo2.jpg]

Dianaland, 1960
Seems that 1960 was a busy year for Herb Ross. Milton had him photographing everything from tree trunks to volleyball nets. This particular photo-advertisement was designed to appeal to those apprehensive parents who were sending young children away for the first time. And who better exemplified the term "happy campers" than the Pixie Girls?
Left to right: Unknown, Fran ?, Iris Meisel, Leslie Berman, (Counselor Beth in back), Lisa Rubin, Jill Deitel, Counselor Annie, Cathy Cohen, Sally ?, Mindy Reese (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Waiter Bunk, 1973


Camp life wasn't always fun and games. There were moments of sober reflection...yeah, right. Kenny Jacobsen, an original beauty-school dropout, puts the finishing touches on Gary Licker's head as Alan Ades waits in the wings.


Gary stalks off into the night, arriving at Bunk 15 to terrorize an unsuspecting (and very young) Bob Malos. Some of you remember Bob as a counselor and groupleader from the late 70s. All I can say is he was quite unprepared to meet up with a crazed waiter in the middle of the night.


Here, in no particular order, are a collection of photos from the summers of 80 & 81, courtesy of Susan Moss-Levy. If you recognize anyone, give a holler. The lady in the clown outfit is Mrs. Mark Reiner...





1990 Waiters

Finally, some pictures from an even later era, courtesy of Jeff Rosenzweig and e-mailed to me by Mark Goldman







Ten years further on...
['90 Waiters - Dec 2000]
Dalmaqua's answer to the boy band phenomenon: The '90 Waiters get together, Dec. 2000
L to R: Marc Block, Eddie Finegold, Larry Fogelman, Mark Goldman, Jeff Rosenzweig, and Rob Blau
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Boo Boo '73
Am I cool, or what? (Stifling laughter) 'Course the the only song I knew in 1973 was the theme from "Bonanza". But, the Fender Stratocaster is a nice touch. It belonged to Danny Shapiro. Now, here's a picture of my son Jared playing my vintage 1950's Fender MusicMaster 3/4-size guitar...

Rockin' out on the eve of a new millenium.


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