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Background wallpaper is a detail from a photo of the gymnasium scoreboard and is courtesy of Bonnie Greene

The "Old" Canteen, circa late 1950's

This looks like something out of "Happy Days". Notice how the boys and girls have been paired off. This was obviously a staged photo...check out Carl Jacknowitz's smirk as he is obliged to "dance". Bruce Green is standing in the middle, sharing a shake in the summer of '57 or '58. Doug Deitel, who provided the names for this photo is seated to the right of Bruce. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

The "New" Canteen, a.k.a. Tredlee Hall

The brand-spanking new canteen in the now-a-go-go era of 1964. Looks like they were still posing the campers for the off-season promotionals. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Another View...
...from the same photo shoot.(Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Front Lawn, Office, early 60's


The grounds at Diana-Dalmaqua were always immaculately well-kept. This is a view looking toward Girls' Campus. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Boys' Waterfront, early 60's


The cogniscenti will be able to tell that this is an old photo by the fact that the foliage on the pine tree at frame right is much more sparse than it was in later years. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Boys' Waterfront, 1980's


Two decades later, and windsurfers have made their appearance on the lake. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Alter)

"Name That Teen",


I have commissioned a blue-ribbon panel of experts to fill in the missing name. We've got, so far (L to R): Jon "Chemy" First, Terri Apton, Todd Roebuck, Michelle Ballick, Allen "Vonce" Perl, Ellen Garlin, (unknown teen in back), Marla Golly in white turtleneck, Richie Beder lying down, Larry Hock in plaid flannel shirt. This was the truncated summer that Boo Boo forgot...

Prom Night '76

Lara Bernstein & Eric Mokotoff make their début into high society whilst Uncle Jack Mendelsohn chaperones the precocious pair. By the way, Uncle Jack's role at CDD was very diversified. He did the morning mail run, got the paper, drove folks to and from Port Jervis, and said "yes" to whatever Aunt Bertha had to say. Luckily, he was able to shampoo his own hair. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Nature Shack, early 60's


Another oldie-but-goodie from the pre-1962 era. The truth is, in the present day, these guys qualify for a senior citizen discount at the multiplex. Let's see, there's Lumpy, Whitey, the Beav... (Marty Liebman has identified himself as the kid wearing the glasses.) Seriously, if anyone else recognizes someone here, let us know! (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Color War Projects, and other things...


The landscape of Camp Diana-Dalmaqua was, over the years, the beneficiary of certain capital improvement projects...Color War projects, that is. At left are two fine examples: the totem pole and the canoe rack.
In the Sixties, Milton Kurtz, not satisfied with the progress that the United States was making in the "space race", decided to build his own rocketship. The result can be seen in the photo on the right. The craft utilized the Girls' flagpole as both scaffold support and launchpad. Notice the amazing likeness of Milton at the top, along with the inscribed creed of clan Kurtz: G.V.B.H., which stands for, uhhhh....


(Photos courtesy of Steve Harkavy)

Learning the Links, circa 1967


Sy Alter instructing the lads in the art of golf. I had erroneously pegged this photo as being from 1969. But, Bruce Kern was kind enough to point out to me that it's actually earlier. The campers waiting on line are (L to R): Marty Bell, Jay Stein & Marty Liebman. Steve Comen is the general counselor. Sy was a groupleader here. He subsequently became Boys' HC in 1969 and remained so through 1972. The following year, he, Ellis Marmor and Fred Rakity purchased the camp from Milton Kurtz. Sy and Ellis continued as owners through 1990. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Time Capsule, 1973
Bruce Scharf looks like he stepped out of a Rolling Rock commercial...y'know, the one where they depict the early 70's using mock-Super 8mm film footage. The camper at frame right is Phil Sharfstein

Kabuki Theater, 1972


In the grand tradition of the Japanese stage, these characters have nothing to do with one another. Alan Scharf's gesture is a personal representation of the universe, while Fred Stahl looks westward toward the new world.

Canoe Trip, 1966


Venerable Pioneer Counselor Herb Ross devoted four decades of his life to enriching the camp experience for the boys and girls of Camp Diana-Dalmaqua. Not to mention that he played a crucial role in doing all the difficult "behind the scenes" work for every major activity...Carnival, Olympics, Color War, Tribal War, Las Vegas Night, Shows... Here is Herb in the mid 60's, taking a division of girls on a canoe trip down the Delaware of the hundreds of trips downriver that he personally supervised. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

S.A. Boys, 1973


Marty "Ernie" Roth, Peter Thea, and Marc Sutton. Marty got his nickname for his resemblance to Ernie on "My Three Sons". Peter, who had no nickname, worked the canteen Summer '73. Marc is shown holding his laundry.

Riflery Range, mid 60's

Discipline at Diana-Dalmaqua was sometimes harsh. Occasionally, it was necessary to make an example of a naughty camper and call out the firing squad... Actually, the riflery program at camp was extremely popular. Campers got the opportunity to fire at standard 50ft. NRA targets using .22 caliber long rifles. Riflery remained a regular camp activity through 1970. (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Waterski Dock, early 60's


Rumor has it that portions of the film "Where The Boys Are" were scheduled to be shot on location at CDD... Okay, maybe not. But this picture looks like something right out of Annette & Frankie.(Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)

Waterski Dock, 1976


Maury Marmor (Groupleader, Cadet Boys) and Jeff "Wojo" Wolvovsky (Waterski Counselor) discuss technique in the Bicentennial Summer of '76

Lisa Schiff, 1974


Lisa's second summer at camp. Lisa and Maury Marmor met at Diana-Dalmaqua and were eventually married...

Carnival Night, 1974
Lori Greifer & Ellen Garlin in a photo that looks as though it could have been taken in the 90's. Funny how everything comes back into style...

Long Hair


Speaking of style, most people associate long hair with the sixties. Truth is, except for rock groups, certain "wild" kids and student government types, long hair didn't make inroads to the mainstream until the last two years of the decade (see the group photos further into the website). Long hair, however, exploded in the first half of the seventies as evidenced by Dan Shainis' head, which serves as a barometer of the times. It used to be an annual ritual for me to take a headshot of Danny. These photos cover almost the entirety of Dan's adolescence, from age fourteen to twenty.


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