Brooklyn Day Camp - Chiefs - Group 12, 1966


Brooklyn Day Camp was the first "real" camp program that I attended, beginning in 1966. An eight week program that ran six days a week, located on 25 acres of land...in its day it was quite a place.
Top Row: Milt Perkel (Division Leader), Joe Cheslow (General Counselor)
Second Row (Standing, L to R): Barry Chaiken, Randy Saks, unknown, Eddie Elbaz, Phil Butleman
Third Row (Seated L to R): David Oppenheimer, Larry Ruderman, Tony Serpico, Andy Baum, Kenny Brown (Dalmaqua 68-72), Carl (?)

Chiefs - Group 7, 1967


Top Row: Max Benkel (General Counselor), Milt Perkel (Division Leader)
Second Row (Standing L to R): Danny Mancher, Kevin (?), Eddie Elbaz, Peter Savino, Andy Baum, Brian Frons
Third Row (Seated L to R): Mark Luca, Kenny Brown (Dalmaqua 68-72), "Pee Wee", Larry Krim, Larry Ruderman, Ira Schwartz
Standing in the background at frame right is Ed Lippe (Dalmaqua 70-72)

Chiefs - Group 4, 1968


Top Row:Ed Pilcer, Milt Perkel (Division Leader), Ronnie Cassell (General Counselor)
Second Row (L to R): Roy Beckerman, Louie Pappandrea, Robert Tubar, Marty Eichel, Jeff Cassen, Harvey Lieberman
Third Row (Seated L to R): Brian Gottdank, Lonnie Babbitt, Andy Baum, Eddie Elbaz, David Migliaro, Jonathan (?)

Chiefs - Group 2, 1969


Top Row (L to R): Jerry Bruckner (Division Leader), Jeff Graff (General Counselor), Jay Klarsfeld, Marty Eichel
Second Row (L to R): Louie Cohen, Andy Baum, Aaron (?), Paul Gindoff, Ed Pilcer
Third Row (Seated, L to R): Lonnie Babbitt, Tony Serpico, Al Fugieri, Marshall Dower, Allen Rosenthal, Brian Gottdank

Brookwood Camps, 1977 - Cadet Boys


The last summer of my camp "career". After a parting of the ways with management at CDD, I was fortunate enough to finish out the summer at Brookwood. Other CDD alumni who were there that summer included Head Waterfront Counselor Dave Silverman, Jay Roebuck, and Athletic Director Richie Kamen, who recommended my hiring to Perry Sandler.
(Standing L to R): Ron Bronson (general counselor), Andy Baum (general counselor), and Groupleader Myron Cohen, whose tenure at Brookwood has spanned 31 summers, covering the years 1953-1998.
Top of pyramid: Martin Frank
Middle Row (L to R): Andrew Fleisig, Stuart Kipnes
Bottom Row (L to R): Jon Mach, Jeffrey Gross, Michael Cohen


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