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Senior Boys, 1986


Top Row (L to R): Adam Mindel (partially hidden), Herb Ross (Pioneer Counselor), Ron Heft (Boys' HC), unknown, Sy Alter, Judy Alter, Jean Marmor, Ellis Marmor, unknown, unknown
Second Row (Standing L to R): "Rambo", Rich Allen, John Orosco, Duncan (last name unknown), Eric Scoff, Seth Greenburg, unknown, unknown, Jordan Marion, David Landsman, Rob Halasy, Rob Blau, unknown, Andy Fistel, Eddie Soleymani
Third Row (Leaning forward L to R): John Fox, Brian Wechter, Geoff Gladstone, next five unknown, Eddie Feingold, Reggie Portnow, Russell Graham, unknown, Shaul Nakash
Fourth Row (Seated L to R): Unknown (on one knee), unknown (seated), Jeff Rosenzweig, next five unknown, Mark "Froggy" Goldman, Mike "Schwee" Schwartz, Scott Kronish
Bottom Row (L to R): First two unknown, Larry "Fogey" Fogelman, unknown, Mike Kaplowitz, Todd Goldstein, Neil Lesser, unknown, unknown
(Photo courtesy of Jeff Rosenzweig, Additional Identification thanks to Andy Fistel and Geoff Gladstone)

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