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Senior Boys, 1968


This photo awaits Julian's perusal for full identification. Here's who I can recognize:
Top Row (L to R): : Mark Holtzman, Stu Lerner, unknown, Fred Rakity (I think), Phil Freifeld, Peter Tepper, Ricky Schaefer (Tennis Counselor), unknown, Bruce Kern
Second Row (Standing L to R): Unknown staff member, three unknown campers, Jan Press, Alan Blowstein, unknown, Barry Schiff (?), Neal Freiman, unknown, Jimmy Newman, unknown, unknown, Mason Haupt, Randy Pearl, Sam Kostman (Ass't. Director)
Third Row (Seated L to R): : Alan Scharf (on one knee), next six unknown, Gary Silver, Arthur Djmal, Jimmy Haber, Marc Roth, Joey Tawil, unknown
Front Row (Seated on ground L to R): : Julian Kaplan, Eric Kipperman, unknown, unknown
(Photo courtesy of Julian Kaplan)
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