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Rangers A, 1985


Top Row (L to R): Herb Ross (Pioneer Counselor), Phil Wechsler, Joe Podair (Athletic Dir.), Sy Alter, Judy Alter, Jeannie Marmor, Ellis Marmor, unknown, Morty Kotkin (Boys' Waterfront), Ron Heft (Boys' HC)
Third Row ( Standing L to R): unknown, unknown, Jay "Cheese" Burger, unknown, Jeff Silverstein, Bengie Silverman, unknown, unknown, Andrew "Meat" Fabrey, unknown, Adam Mandel, unknown
Second Row (Seated L to R): David Schwartz, unknown, unknown, Keith "Gushy" Goldschmidt, Adam Pasquale, Jeff Rosenzweig, Unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown,
Bottom Row (L to R): Geoff "Rockhead" Gladstone, Mark Kelly, unknown, unknown (Photo courtesy of Jeff Rosenzweig)
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