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Ranger Boys, 1989


Only sparse identification for this one...any help in that regard would be appreciated:
Top Row (L to R):  Ron Heft (Boys' HC), Greg Morvillo, Joel Fischer, Nick (?), Marc Feinstein, Carlos (?), Sy Alter, Jean Marmor, Ellis Marmor, Wes Aldrich (Athletic Dir.), Greg Morvillo, Herb Ross (Pioneer Counselor)
Second Row, standing (L to R):  Unknown, Michael Keller, unknown, Stephen Ferrara, unknown, unknown, Jason Feinberg, unknown, unknown, Greg??, last two unknown
Third Row, seated (L to R):  Fifth from right is Michael Levy, then Josh Elkin and Jarrett Kern.
All the rest, for the time being, remain unknown...
   (Photo courtesy of Jarrett Kern. Additional identifications thanks to Matt Cohen, Rachel Keller-Bress and Marc Feinstein)
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