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Ranger Boys, 1963


Top Row (L to R): Richie Kurtz, Eddie Whitman, Richie Kamen, Bernie Carniol, Ritchy Bassin, second from right is Ed Horn, and at right is Sam Kostman (Boys' HC)
Second Row (standing L to R): Ruth Kurtz, Marty Bell, fifth from left is Paul Schwartz, Joel Nowak, fourth from right is Martin Yam, Larry Metzger, Alan Firestein, Arnie Funk.
Third Row (L to R): George Liebman, Bob Kapust, unknown, Richie Resnick, Steve Carr, unknown, Marc Grossman, Neal Ruchman, Lee Weinstein. Steven Sokol, Orin Kaufman.
Bottom Row (L to R): Jay Stein, Warren Glick, Mark Mestel, David Saffan, Jeff Sirota, Chet Kern (Photo courtesy of Ritchy Bassin, additional I.D.'s by Arnie Funk)

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