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Ranger Boys, 1963


The '63 Rangers were the Inters of '62.
Top Row (L to R): Richie Kurtz, Eddie Whitman, Richie Kamen, Bernie Carniol, Ritchy Bassin, second from right is Ed Horn, and at right is Sam Kostman (Boys' HC)
Second Row (standing L to R): Ruth Kurtz, Marty Bell, fifth from left is Paul Schwartz, Joel Nowak, fourth from right is Martin Yam, then Larry Metzger, Alan Firestein, and last on right is Arnie Funk.
Third Row (L to R): George Liebman, Bob Kapust, fourth from left is Richie Resnick, then Steve Carr. Fifth from right is Marc Grossberg. Third from the right is Lee Weinstein. Steven Sokol is last on the right.
Bottom Row (L to R): Jay Stein, Warren Glick, Mark Mestel, David Saffan, Chet Kern is on the far right. Once again, any and all help in telling us who's here will be greatly appreciated.(Photo courtesy of Ritchy Bassin)

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