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Inter Boys, 1965


VERY tentative identification pending review by my boomer elders:
Top Row (L to R): : Michael Stebel, Lew Levine, Ted-anyone remember his last name? (Boys' Waterfront Counselor), Herb Ross (Pioneer Counselor), Richie Kurtz, Pete Jones, unknown, Gary Malkin
Middle Row (L to R): Sam Kostman (Boys' HC), Mike Misakoff, Ken Bell, Eric Gluck, unknown, Eric Funk, Michael Rose, Gary Yarnell, Aunt Bertha
Bottom Row (Seated L to R): Jeff Levy, Sid Lewis, David Gorman, Arnold Nadborne, Matty Soloff, David Dibo, Fred "Flea" Freifeld, Brad Heftel?, unknown, Pete Lewis
(Photo courtesy of Fred Freifeld)
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