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Inter Boys, 1962


We're still in the process of identifying this crew. Here's what we've got so far:
Top Row (L to R): Unknown, Gary Green (general counselor), Stan Rubin (Boys HC), Milton Kurtz, Herb Ross (Pioneer Counselor), Barry Milner (general counselor)
Second Row (Standing L to R): Marty Liebman, unknown, unknown, unknown, Paul Schwartz, unknown, Joel Nowak, Jay Rotkel, unknown, unknown, Richie Resnick, Larry Metzger (?), Arnie Funk
Third Row (Seated L to R): Warren Glick, Chet Kern, Marc Grossberg, Paul Becker, Richard Taubman, Aunt Bertha, Steve Carr, unknown, unknown, Steven Sokol, unknown
Bottom Row (On Grass L to R): Unknown, unknown, David Saffan, Jay Stein (Photo courtesy of Eric Mokotoff)
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