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Debs, 1964


Top Row (L to R): Richie Kurtz, next four unknown, Jack Kushnick (Girls' Athletic Dir.), Ethel Rosenberg (Girls' HC) unknown, Ilene Lomazow, unknown, unknown, and at far right might be Allegra Saffan's sister.
Second Row, standing (L to R): Susan Mestel, next four unknown, Karen Klebanoff, seven unknowns, Barbara Nowak, Aunt Bertha
Third Row, seated (L to R): Marcie Greenberg, two unknowns, Debbie Mines, unknown, Mindy Reese, last five unknown
Front Row, seated on ground (L to R): First two unknown, Pam Jacobs, Jill Deitel, unknown, Iris Meisel, unknown, Janice Mayer
(Photo courtesy of Jill Deitel)
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