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CA Boys, 1985


Top Row (L to R): Phil Wechsler, Joe Podair (Athletic Dir.), Matt Schiff, Sy Alter, Judy Alter, Jean Marmor, Ellis Marmor, Morty Kotkin (Boys' Waterfront), Herb Ross (Pioneer Counselor), Ron Heft (Boys' HC)
Second Row, standing (L to R): Unknown, Paul Sobel, Cory Falcone, unknown, Marc Fogelman, Danny Efron, Jon Comito, Steve Koss, unknown, Eric Abramson, Steven Heft, Peter Neidel, Stu Sturza, Steve Soleymani (General Counselor)
Third Row, seated (L to R): Unknown, Mike Stoopak, Mike Kaufer, unknown, Bobby (last name unknown), unknown, unknown, Larry "Stringbean" Levine, Mike Wagner, Marc Kronish
Bottom Row, seated on grass (L to R): Mike Aronowitz, Ira Cohen. Jeff "Squiggy" Rosen, Donny Wechsler, E. Pelitz(?), Larry (last name unknown)
(Photo courtesy of Seth Zuckerman. Additional identifications courtesy of Andy Fistel)
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